Ricky's Broken Arm

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This is the saga of Ricky's broken arm. Click on any picture and it will show a larger version of it.

6 May, 2003

A couple of pictures of the xray's showing the broken arm.

These were taken while in surgery. Notice the pins.

These were taken the next morning as he was waking up. In the first, he is just waking up, then he is showing you his IV and finally he is waving hi to the camera as we are figuring out how to get the shirt over the soft cast.

A few hours after comming home from the hospital, it's time for a nap.

May 15, 2003

Today's X-ray. The Doc decides that the pins need to stay in a while longer.

Time to remove the soft splint. The thing on his head is a mask he made at church the night before. He just had to wear it!

Pin number 1.

Both pins.

All cleaned up and ready to start cast.

Putting on the cast. He wanted to have a camoflauge cast, but they were out, so he had to "settle" for a glow in the dark cast.

Holding it in place till the first layer firms up.

Ricky learns a new term--Exothermic reaction!

Almost done now, just a few more wraps.

The final touch.

It's finally dry. Here he is with the nurse who did the deed.

It really does glow in the dark!

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