Pictures for Grandma and Grandpa

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Here you go mom and dad. These are for you. I'll add more as they become availiable. Love ya'll,
Ricky and the kids

Update: 26 March, 2006

Here are a few pictures of the new and improved front yard. This first one is Betty Faith working on the sidewalk flowerbed. As you may remember, we have had Aloe Vera planted in here and the grass has overtaken it. She pulled out about 30 Aloe Vera plants! We saved them so that we could plant some of them back once we had all the weeds and grass out and the rock in.

Sorry I did not get any before shots with all the grass still in the center flower bed. This was taken after we had removed all the grass (about 3 hours worth of work!)

Betty Faith grabbed the camera to take a pic of me while I was putting the rock in it.

We ran out of daylight by the time we had finished putting the rock in. Here is the side flowerbed (the concrete is wet because we were making sure the sprinklers were working). This one is taken from the front door.

Another shot of the side flower bed to include the rose bush on the end.

Another one.

Here is the center flower bed. It looks good in the daylight, but I did not get a picture. Maybe I'll get one later.

Another angle.

One last picture of the side flower bed.

16 July, 2005

Here are a few pictures of the Ricky's room. This one is looking in the door.

A wider version of the above.

A little left of the above.

Here is his desk.

This is the back corner. It is a little out of focus, but allows you to see a couple of his toyboxes.

The other toy box under the bed (hidden behind the dresser).

Here is his bed.

And his desk.

Looking at the door from the far corner.

14 July, 2005

Here are a few pictures of the girls' room. This first one is Miquela's desk area. I have not recovered her chair yet, nor put on the back. You can see the drawers I bought for the desk in this picture.

Another one of Miquela's desk area with both sets of drawers. You can also see her bed in the background.

Here we have Miquela's bed and part of Betty Faith's desk. You can see the bottom of the curtains and where I have recovered her chair bottom (the original had came off and she was sitting on the foam on plywood).

Centered on Betty Faith's desk. You can see the curtains in this one.

As we pan to the right, you can see more of the desk and now her bed. The big white thing in the front of the picture is the drawer unit on Miquela's desk.

Betty Faith's bed.

Here is the dresser. I think I'll add some kind of a drape around the top of the mirror with the cloth I bought for the chairs.

Looking in the door.

More curtains and you can see the fan in the upper left corner.

And the fan. It is actually on, the camera just makes it look still.

Update: 16 April, 2005

Here is a video of Ricky and the Dog

I'll post more pictures later. Just wanted to get this up for you to see. Love ya'll

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